New Pathways for Trinity Digital music exams available!

Aug 31, 2023

New Repertoire-only pathway now available

A new, pieces-only option for all candidates, bringing even further choice and flexibility to the Classical & Jazz Digital Grades. This offers a pathway for those who prefer to showcase their musical achievements through a programme of repertoire instead of a combination of pieces and technical work.

Options for Digital Music Grades

Choose between two pathways:

  • Technical Work pathway: Perform three repertoire pieces* as well as technical work - this is the same digital exam you are currently used to


  • Repertoire-only pathway: Perform four pieces of repertoire* - this is the new option

The exam entry process is exactly the same. Simply write the relevant pathway (Technical or Repertoire) for each candidate on the application form.

* in line with current requirements in the Singing syllabus, singers at Grades 6-8 will present four pieces in the Technical Work pathway, and five in the Repertoire-only pathway.

Visit Trinity's website for all syllabuses, filming guidelines and information.

Kindly inform me when applying with a Special Needs Request Form since Trinity will need to confirm your requirements prior to the candidate filming and uploading their exam video. Thanks.