APPLY FOR YOUR NEXT TRINITY MUSIC EXAM: Deadlines, Current Fees and Application Forms

Mar 28, 2021

Practical DIGITAL Music Exams:

I am currently accepting applications for practical digital music exams. These exams are taking place every month so you can choose whichever month you prefer to take your exam. 

Deadlines for Practical exams:

To apply for your practical digital music exam, always apply a month ahead. So if for example you want to upload your exam video in May, kindly send me your application before the end of April. 

Once you apply, you will receive an email from Trinity with login details in the first two weeks of the following month. You will then have two weeks starting from the day you receive that email to upload your exam video and documents.

For example: if you apply in May, that means you will receive your email from Trinity in the first two weeks of June.

All solo grade exams, both Classical and Rock&Pop, including ATCL and LTCL Recital diplomas are available digitally (excluding FTCL).

Music Theory Exams:

Theory exam dates for May 2021 are scheduled for:

  • Saturday 8 May, 2021 
  • Monday 10 May, 2021 (Alternative paper)* 

Deadline for November 2021 Theory exams will be published later on.​

Theory exam dates for November 2021 are scheduled for:

  • ​Saturday 6 November, 2021
  • Monday 8 November, 2021 (Alternative paper)* 

 *Note that an extra charge of 20 EUR applies for the alternative paper. You must always mark clearly on your application form that you are applying for the alternative date. This alternative date exam has to be applied for before the application deadline.

Kindly note that due to the current unpredictable situation worldwide, Trinity cannot guarantee anything at the moment and we may have to further postpone or cancel planned sessions, according to the circumstances we face at that moment. I will do my best to see that things are carried out safely, and I will keep you informed and updated with all relevant information, as soon as it is made available to me.

How to apply for a Trinity Exam:

To apply for your Trinity music exam, you can send me your application and payment online:

Send application form scanned to Kindly write clearly the month you want your digital exam to be uploaded.

Payment is accepted via:

Revolut (+356 7941 1183) 

BOV Mobile (+356 7941 1183)

Bank transfer: 
Analise Mifsud
Account No: 4002480168-5
IBAN: MT25 VALL 2201 3000 0000 4002 4801 685
Bank: BOV

You can also send your application form and cheque (payable to Analise Mifsud) by post to this address:

Analise Mifsud
Villa Esilana
N/S in Valley Road
Iklin IKL 1802

Download application forms and fees:


You can also find the Special Needs Provision forms available for download here, one for Theory exams, and one for Digital Practical exams. Kindly inform me when applying for a Digital Practical exam with a Special Needs Request since Trinity will need to confirm your requirements prior to the candidate filming and uploading their exam video. Thanks. 


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